Spent today reading Dark Heir by Faith Hunter

I was blown away by this book!It started out with a high level of emotional intensity, with things not going well for our heroine, Jane Yellowrock. Faith Hunter kept increasing the danger for Jane, Beast, and all of New Orleans, and just perhaps, all of North America! The story is, of course, the natural result of all that has happened in the books leading up to this. I won't even try to say more about the plot than that. But, if you have enjoyed any of the previous books, don't stop reading before getting to Dark Heir. So much that you didn't understand before this book will be revealed. So much will change for the characters you know. And when you have read this book, and you know what happens, you won't want to miss the next book!

I have read every one of the series, and while it is now clear that much of this current novel was hinted at in the earlier books, I think we have also seen Faith Hunter become a better writer as the series went on. I guess that's no surprise. She was a pretty darn good writer in book 1, and the best way to get better at any skill is to keep doing it. Still, while book 1 was a good read, Dark Heir was a book that was so much more. There were times when I had to put it down, because the excitement was too much for me. I can hardly wait to see what Faith has in store for poor Jane next!