Quantum Night by Robert J. Sawyer

Oh how I wish there were more than 5 stars to give to this book! In Quantum Night, Robert J. Sawyer explores the nature of consciousness. He suggests that scientists have not only discovered the physical and quantum underpinnings of consciousness, but also know how to change them. Along the way to the thrilling ending, we are treated to discussions of quantum physics, neuroscience, and philosophy. I found this book to be very hard to put down

I was eager to read this book, and knew that the Kindle version would be available shortly after midnight. So, I woke up about 4am, and downloaded to my phone. I started reading, and knew right away that I had something wonderful in my hands. It was literally hard to put down, but I had to every once in a while to handle day to day responsibilities. Still, by the time I'm usually finishing breakfast, I had prepared and eaten breakfast, taken out the mail, AND finished this book. It certainly gave me things to think about for a long time.

Books like this one are why I continue to buy every book that Robert J. Sawyer publishes